Canadian Aboriginal Registration
Authentically Aboriginal Inc. is where Aboriginal culture and traditions meet technology. Leading the way
to showcasing Canada’s pride in its Aboriginal peoples. In time, all Aboriginal produced art work will bear a seal
of Aboriginal Authenticity, differentiating the art from non-Aboriginal created “native art”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the process for Aboriginal artists to register?

A. The artists in the Authentically Aboriginal registry will be certified before they are accepted into the database. They will submit proof of their Aboriginal heritage. This is the only criteria to become a member artist.

Q. How can the general public access the services?

A. The general public can access the registry to source information, art, and performers to confirm the products and services they are procuring are authentic creations.

Q. How are Aboriginal products and services authenticated?

A. Authentically Aboriginal associates the artistic creations with a serial number that verifies authenticity. This additional measure allows galleries, buyers and the general public with the opportunity to guarantee the art they are viewing has been certified. This will be done through finding an " Authentically Aboriginal" seal with number on the art piece in question. Users can then go to the website to verify that the seal is real and that the artwork has been authenticated.

Q. Why would artists use this service?

A. Artists may want to use this service to catalogue their products and to protect their copyright through authentication. Artists may also use this site to market their work to the world.

Q. What is the cost for artists to use this service?

A. Access to this service, including developing an artist profile and cataloguing copyright of individual artwork is free. If artists wish to order authentication seals there is a small charge for each seal. Additional services are also available to artists.

Q. Is there another service like Authentically Aboriginal?

A. Yes, Australia, New Zealand, and the clans of Scotland have recognized the importance of their indigenous culture and heritage and the need to authenticate the work of indigenous artists. No other service like this currently exists in Canada.

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